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12.09.2010 Little Update

Hey Guys!
I know the update is a little late, but it wasn´t possible to do it earlier. There are some things i do for a challenge. So i hope you like them!
With Love, Angali

16.08.2010 Finally back...

Today I am finally back with my hompage! I was so busy and I`m very sorry for that. Now i will try to make more and more graphics for you and for me. I really really missed it!!!
Because of that there is also a new design!
I hope you`ll like it as much as me.
Coming Soon
With Love, your Angali
12.9.10 14:35


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Welcome to my site with graphics. Please credit me, if you’ll take something out of here, because all was lot of work! Enjoy your stay and please leave a comment=) Your Angali
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